How to choose a PR photographer

Would you use a plumber to service your car? Even if in their advertising they claimed to service cars along with a myriad of other services and products, you are pretty unlikely to let them loose on your pride and joy.

Equally, many photographers in their advertising list every type of photography imaginable, from legal to weddings and from family portraits to PR and I am sure that the great majority of them are excellent at a proportion of them. However, if you want a wedding photographer, choose a photographer that specialises in just weddings. If you want a PR photographer then make sure you choose one that specialises in PR.

When you are looking for a photographer to take photos to accompany your press release, make sure you use a specialist. At the very least you should make sure the photographer you select has had experience working directly for a newspaper. That way you know that the photos you receive will be photos that a picture editor is likely to want to use and also be in a format suitable for newspaper publication.

If you plan on using a search engine such as Google then simply search for 'PR photographers'. Look very carefully at the websites that any search returns and look specifically for photographers with press experience.

Good luck and avoid plumbers wanting to service your car!