Picture usage rights or 'How to screw the client'

"I'll take the photography for you and you can use the picture once for PR purposes. If you or your client want to use it in an advertisement, on a banner stand, in a publication in the future or for any other purpose, you'll need to come back to me and I'll charge you again for each additional use."

What a pain. And this is often the experience many of our PR clients have encountered with other photographers and why, when they start using Professional Images for the first time, they say we are a breath of fresh air.

When we supply the final images to our clients we don't limit the purposes for which they can be used. We don't limit how many times they can use the picture and we don't limit where in the world the picture can be used.

For sure, we do not give our copyright away and never will. But each final image is covered by a licence for unlimited use, which is effectively the same thing.

It is hard enough nowadays for a PR consultant to convince their client of the advantages of using a professional photographer in the first place. So why make their life even harder by then having to make them explain to their client that although they are paying for the photography they can't use the images for anything else.

I had a call recently from a photographer that used to do work for one of our new clients complaining that our policy was unfair to him and we should screw the client for every penny we could get out of them.

In my view it is all about added value and if we choose to offer a better deal than our competitors, it is a free market and our right to do so. Interestingly the fact that he 'used' to do work for them should have told him something.